Representing Remarkable Writers
THE GOOD ANCESTOR by Roman Krznaric

The Good Ancestor by Roman Krznaric is out in paperback on the 11th of February

'This is the book our children's children will thank us for reading' – The Edge, U2 How can we be good ancestors? From the first seeds sown thousands of years ago, to the construction of the cities we still inhabit, to the scientific discoveries that have ensured our survival, we are the... Read more >>

Love Lives by Carol Dyhouse

Love Lives – From Cinderella to Frozen by Carol Dyhouse is out on the 11th of February

The story of how women's lives, loves, and dreams have been re-shaped since 1950, the year of Walt Disney's Cinderella and a time when teenage girls dreamed of marriage, Mr Right, and happy endings... Cinderella stories captured the imagination of girls in the 1950s, when dreams of meeting the... Read more >>

London and the Seventeenth Century by Margarette Lincoln

London and the Seventeenth Century by Margarette Lincoln is out on the 9th of February

The Gunpowder Plot, the Civil Wars, Charles I's execution, the Plague, the Great Fire, the Restoration, and then the Glorious Revolution: the seventeenth century was one of the most momentous times in the history of Britain, and Londoners took center stage. In this fascinating account, Margarette... Read more >>

Free Lunch Thinking by Tom Bergin

Free Lunch Thinking by Tom Bergin is out on January 28th

Economic theories and models shape our everyday lives. They are relied on by politicians when tax rises or cuts are being considered. They inform debates about everything from bonuses for CEOs to minimum wage rates to the level of job protection enshrined in law. They determine what levels of... Read more >>

DANCE OF THE SERPENTS by Oscar de Muriel

THE DANCE OF THE SERPENTS by Oscar de Muriel is out in paperback

There are many bad days in Edinburgh police's subdivision 'The Commission for the Elucidation of Unsolved Cases Presumably Related to the Odd and Ghostly'. And in the pantheon of the worst days - today takes the podium. Because the English Inspector Ian Frey, and his Scottish boss 'Nine-Nails'... Read more >>

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