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Paul McMahon

Paul McMahon

Born in Ireland, Paul McMahon has split his time between academia, business and public policy. He has worked as a management consultant at McKinsey & Company in New York and has advised the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization and The Prince’s Charities Foundation. He now helps run an investment management business that channels capital towards agricultural activities that are profitable and sustainable. He holds a PhD from Cambridge University.

Paul’s book, FEEDING FRENZY, was published by Profile Books in 2013. It explores the geopolitics of food in the 21st Century, explaining the turmoil that has gripped food markets in recent years and showing how the challenge of feeding a growing population in a resource-constrained world will shape our economic prosperity and security in coming decades.

Paul’s history book, BRITISH SPIES AND IRISH REBELS: British Intelligence and Ireland 1916-45, was published in 2008 to positive reviews. He has also authored a number of articles and reports on food security, the environment and history.



Feeding Frenzy - jacket (web)

FEEDING FRENZY: The New Politics of Food - Profile, 2013

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