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Kate Raworth

Kate Raworth

Kate is a Senior Visiting Research Associate at Oxford University’s Environmental Change Institute, where she also teaches. Over the past 20 years she has worked as Senior Researcher for Oxfam, as an economist for the UN, and with barefoot entrepreneurs in the villages of Zanzibar.

Kate is an acclaimed public speaker on rethinking economics, presenting to audiences as diverse as the UN General Assembly, the RSA, and the Occupy Movement. Her concept of Doughnut Economics has been featured in The Guardian, Nature Climate Change, Resurgence, and Wired, and blogged about by George Monbiot and Grist.

Her book DOUGHNUT ECONOMICS has been translated into 11 languages and was published by in 2017 Random House Books (UK) and then Chelsea Green (USA), Hanser Verlag (Germany), Atlas Contact (Holland), Bertrand Editora (Portugal), Beijing Xiron Books (China), Espasa Libros (Spain), Hakgojae Publishers (South Korea), Terra Cognita Oy (Finalnd), Bokforlaget Daidalos (Sweden), Kawade Shobo Shinsha Ltd (Japan), Edizioni Ambiente (Italy), and Nash Format Publishers (Ukraine).

For further details see her website and her blog on exploring Doughnut Economics at



Doughnut Economics


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