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Edward Stoddard

Ed Stoddard has covered wildlife and the environment for Reuters for the past 20 years, and is regarded as the agency’s “big animal” correspondent. Since his arrival in Johannesburg in 1998, his coverage of wildlife in Africa as a foreign correspondent has been unrivalled. He has reported from the African bush, including a crocodile hunt in Malawi, capture operations for lions, elephants and rhinos, and face- to-face encounters with mountain gorillas in Rwanda. Ed has also reported extensively on the current poaching crisis. Through a Reuters column, he has reframed the issue by throwing out the idea that Africa’s wildlife is part of a wider “resource curse” that has long afflicted the continent. His reporting on commodities, illicit capital flows and issues around the current Asian resource scramble into Africa also provide him with an authoritative perspective on the subject. A Canadian citizen who grew up in Nova Scotia, Ed has a First-Class Honours degree and MA in history. An ultra-marathon runner and fly fishing fanatic, Ed has a passion for the outdoors, wildlife and natural history.

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