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Feeding Frenzy Published by Profile on 14 March

11 March 2013

Paul McMahon’s highly anticipated book FEEDING FRENZY: The New Politics of Food is published by Profile on Thursday 14 March. The book traces the history of the global food system and reveals the underlying causes of recent turmoil in food markets.

Supplies are running short, prices keep spiking and the media is full of talk of a 'world food crisis'. Food-producing countries are banning exports even if this means starving their neighbours. Governments and corporations are scrambling to secure control over food supply chains. Powerful groups from the Middle East and Asia are grabbing farmland in poor countries to grow food for export. This raises some big questions. Can we feed a population that will grow to nine billion by 2050? Are we running out of land and water? Can we rely on free markets to provide? This book reveals trends that could lead to more hunger and conflict. But Paul McMahon also outlines actions that can be taken to shape a sustainable and just food system.

McMahon, who recently did a talk at the RSA, has authored major reports on sustainable food systems as an advisor to The Prince of Wales’ International Sustainability Unit and to the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation. He co-founded and now helps run a business that invests in sustainable agriculture across the world. Born in Ireland, he holds a PhD from Cambridge University.

Price spikes, market manipulation, land grabs and the race to control food supplies. Can we feed a world of nine billion…and at what cost?

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Valentina Zanca, Publicity Manager, Profile Books / 020 7841 6306

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Feeding Frenzy - jacket (web)

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