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Edward Wilson’s Latest Espionage Noir Thriller is Published by Arcadia

15 May 2014

The latest novel in Edward Wilson’s highly-regarded Cold War espionage series, THE WHITEHALL MANDARIN, has today (15 May 2014) been published by Arcadia Books.

This is the third book to feature MI6 spy Catesby, and the story is one of the biggest and most intriguing yet, and at the core of it is a secret that could bring The White House to its knees.

British intelligence has a deep penetration mole in the KGB. When that mole reports that a Soviet spy ring in London is no longer sending intelligence to Moscow, MI6 are worried. Catesby is sent on a mole hunt that leads him through the steamy sex scandals of 1960s London to the jungles of Vietnam. The tectonic plates of world power are shifting. The Whitehall Mandarin is set in a world of political and sexual ambiguity. No one is who they seem to be. Thrilling and deeply intelligent, The Whitehall Mandarin reveals the US government s most deeply held secret its investigation into the People s Republic of China, and its concurrent rise to world domination. It’s a secret that Catesby may not even live to share.

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