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David Bermingham

Having studied law at Bristol University, David Bermingham spent five years as an officer in the Royal Artillery before becoming a banker in 1989.  An otherwise successful career in the City came to an abrupt end in 2002 when he was accused by the US Government of stealing $7 million from his employer, NatWest, in a deal involving Enron.  A monumental and ultimately unsuccessful struggle against Tony Blair's new extradition laws ensued, culminating in his extradition in 2006.  After 18 months in Texas trying to defend themselves, he and his two co-defendants entered into a plea bargain in November 2007.

His book, A PRICE TO PAY, tells the true story of one of the most infamous business scandals of modern times: three British bankers caught in the middle of a transatlantic struggle.

David is an engaging and passionate speaker on a range of issues including extradition, the US criminal justice system, the US and UK penal systems, morality and capitalism, and in particular the dangers to businessmen in the current environment. One of his talks is entitled ‘The Thin End of The Wedge: The practical consequences of plea bargaining in the UK criminal justice system.’

A Price To Pay - jacket

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