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Carol Dyhouse

Carol is a Research Professor in History at the University of Sussex.

HEART-THROBS: The History of Woman and Desire: What do women want? asked Sigmund Freud, founding father of psychoanalysis and excavator of the human mind. Despite some thirty years’ probing the dark mysteries of the feminine soul, he confessed himself stumped for an answer. The question still intrigues: are women’s desires completely different from men’s? How far have their needs and wants been shaped or blocked by history? This book narrows the question down to look at what women have found irresistibly attractive in men. Its scope is historical, with an emphasis on modern times. Are there patterns in all this sighing and longing? What do these patterns tell us about women and desire?



glamour-jacketGirl Trouble - jacket_webGirl Trouble paperback

HEART-THROBS: The History of Woman and Desire - publication February 2017
GLAMOUR: Women, History, Feminism - Zed Books, 2010
GIRL TROUBLE: Panic and Progression in the History on Young Women - Zed Books, 2013

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